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Office 365 Tenant Migration

Our client in the manufacturing industry has 500 employees situated in various locations. They have been utilizing Office 365 for an extended period; however, they face challenges managing their tenant. The IT team has difficulties keeping up with license allocation, security compliance, and user management. After considering various options, Company hired us and decides to migrate their Office 365 tenant to a new one with better management and security features. They plan to use a third-party migration tool to move all their data and configurations to the new tenant.

The approach taken by GTH Cloud 365 in the migration process is as follows:

  • GTH Cloud 365 assesses the current Office 365 tenant, identifies data and configurations to migrate, and prioritizes them. They also create a list of user accounts, groups, and permissions for the new tenant.
  • GTH Cloud 365 team sets up new Office 365 tenant, configures settings, and installs customer-selected migration tool.
  • GTH Cloud 365 team informs and instructs users for migration and conducts a test migration to ensure correct tool functioning and data/configurations migration.
  • GTH Cloud 365 team migrates data starting with least to most critical, monitors progress and addresses issues.
  • GTH Cloud 365 team tests data and configurations for successful migration. Recreates necessary user accounts, groups, and permissions in the new tenant.
  • GTH Cloud 365 assesses, sets up, communicates, migrates, tests, and trains for an Office 365 tenant migration, resulting in a more secure and manageable environment for the customer.