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Terms and Conditions

GTH Cloud 365 LLC's terms and conditions refer to the legal agreements that establish the terms of engagement between the company and its clients. These agreements are created to safeguard the interests of both parties and generally cover important details such as:


GTH Cloud 365 LLC will provide to the client, including any service-level agreements (SLAs) that may apply.

Fees and payment:

GTH Cloud 365 LLC will be charged for their services, as well as the payment terms and conditions, such as the payment methods accepted and the billing cycle.

Term and termination:

The agreement between the GTH Cloud 365 LLC and their client, as well as the circumstances under which the agreement may be terminated.

Confidentiality and data protection:

GTH Cloud 365 LLC will take to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the client's data, as well as any data protection regulations that may apply.

Intellectual property:

The ownership of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and any applicable licensing terms, belong to GTH Cloud 365 LLC.

Liability and indemnification:

GTH Cloud 365 LLC outlines the liability of their client in case of damages, as well as the indemnification terms.

Dispute resolution:

GTH Cloud 365 LLC will be used to resolve any disputes that may arise between the IT company and the client.

Governing law:

GTH Cloud 365 LLC outlines the law that will govern the agreement between their clients.

Before entering any business relationship, it is crucial that GTH Cloud 365 LLC thoroughly reviews and accepts the terms and conditions. Seeking legal counsel may be advisable to ensure that the terms and conditions are equitable and can be legally enforce.

Revision 1 — March 2023


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