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GTH Cloud 365 LLC is a software services company based in Carmel, Indiana, USA, specializing in Microsoft Cloud technologies. Our core areas of expertise include Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, and SharePoint. The company's primary mission is to assist clients in developing cutting-edge business and technology solutions tailored to their specific needs.

At GTH Cloud 365 LLC, our approach revolves around collaboration with clients to accelerate innovation and foster improved teamwork. We are dedicated to delivering increased value through flexible engagement models. Our company's central goal is to enhance productivity by optimizing their clients' business processes with the assistance of Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform.

Overall, GTH Cloud 365 LLC plays a vital role in guiding organizations toward the adoption and effective use of Microsoft Cloud technologies. Our focus on customization and innovation ensures that clients can harness the full potential of these tools to achieve their business objectives.

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We provide cloud-based services. Here's a breakdown of our key services:


Here's a breakdown of our key focus areas.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting Services

GTH Cloud 365 LLC helps clients leverage Microsoft Azure's cloud computing capabilities to build, deploy, and manage applications and services. This may involve infrastructure setup, application development, and scalability solutions.

Office 365 Development Migration Services

GTH Cloud 365 LLC work with Office 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration within organizations. This includes setting up and optimizing email, migration, document management, and communication tools.

Microsoft Teams

GTH Cloud 365 LLC assists clients in implementing and using Microsoft Teams for effective communication and collaboration, especially in the context of remote or distributed teams.

Power Platform Services

GTH Cloud 365 LLC offers expertise in the Power Platform, allowing clients to create custom PowerApps, Power Automate Workflows, and analyze data to drive business efficiencies.

SharePoint Development Consulting Services

SharePoint is utilized for document management, collaboration, and information sharing. GTH Cloud 365 LLC helps clients leverage SharePoint for their specific business requirements.

Innovation and Collaboration

GTH Cloud 365 LLC promote innovation within client organizations, fostering collaboration and teamwork, ultimately leading to better solutions and outcomes.

Productivity Enhancement

GTH Cloud 365 LLC's services are geared toward boosting client productivity by streamlining and improving business processes.


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